Nova Century Scientific is pleased to introduce the Mission line of urinalysis reagent strips and analyzers. An individual reagent strip can test up to 11 analytes and have unmatched specificity. Special care has been taken to ensure the accuracy and correspondence of the colour chart to the analytes allowing for the most accurate interpretation when reading the test manually. The Mission branded analyzers are now available as a high quality cost competitive automation solution.

Urine specimens account for a significant proportion of routine workloads of clinical laboratories. Quantitative urine cultures are critical for the diagnosis of urinary tract infections (UTI). Organisms that usually cause UTI grow rapidly in urine and can double the number of CFU every 15 minutes. For this reason, urines must be either processed rapidly or refrigerated.

With centralization of microbiology services between multiple hospital sites, transport delay is a common occurrence and proper storage is not always assured. If there is a delay in transport, urine cultures with low counts at the time of collection may result in clinically significant counts by the time the specimen is processed. Consequently, patients often receive unnecessary antibiotic therapy and are exposed to potential side effects. Development of resistance to antibiotics is also a consideration.