Immco Sjögren’s Diagnostic Test Panel

For detection of autoimmune dry eye and early Sjögren’s syndrome.

The Sjö Diagnostic Test by Immco analyzes and identifies the most comprehensive set of biomarkers for advanced autoimmune dry eye and early detection of Sjögren’s syndrome.

Sjögren’s FAQ’s

Dry eyes may indicate a serious health issue — including Sjögren’s syndrome.

  • Sjögren’s syndrome in its earliest stages commonly presents as routine dry eye.1
  • Sjögren’s syndrome affects up to 4 million people in the U.S., with many undiagnosed.1,2
  • Sjögren’s syndrome is a serious autoimmune disease that causes damage to the exocrine glands, which are responsible for producing moisture 1,2,3
  • On average, there is a several-year delay in receiving an accurate diagnosis2
  • Early diagnosis can result in patients being monitored for organ-specific manifestations, general symptoms, associated autoimmune diseases and malignancies.

You can help detect autoimmune dry eye and Sjögren’s syndrome earlier in your patients with the Sjö Diagnostic Test by Immco.

 Why Use Sjö Diagnostic Test by Immco?

  • It’s the most comprehensive: The Sjö Diagnostic Test by Immco screens a total of 7 traditional and novel biomarkers for the widest scope of analysis
  • It’s proactive: Using Sjö Diagnostic Test by Immco to detect autoimmune dry eye or Sjögren’s syndrome early in the disease course can lead to better outcomes for the patient
  • It’s precise: Sjö Diagnostic Test by Immco offers high specificity and significantly higher sensitivity than other screening methods.

Sjö Diagnostic Test by Immco

Autoantibodies Prevalence
SS-A (Ro) 50-70%
SS-B (La) 25-40%
Anti-Nuclear Antibodies (ANA) 85-90%
Rheumatoid Factor (RF) 36-74%
Novel Autoantibodies (SP-1, CA-6, PSP) 30%-45%

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How to Use the Sjö Diagnostic Test by Immco

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