Manufacturing Plants

Located across Europe and North America our Centres of Excellence are responsible for the manufacture of products designed to bring improvements to the quality of life for millions of people around the world.

Bray, Ireland

Trinity Biotech’s central manufacturing site specialises in the production of the Point of Care, RIA, Clinical Chemistry and Immunofluorescence ranges.

Carlsbad, California, USA

Our Carlsbad site specialises in the development and production of Western Blots, Point of Care assays, Infectious Disease Reagents and other immunofluorescence products

Acton, Massachusetts, USA

Our Acton site handles the supply of diagnostic raw materials to the research and diagnostics industry.

Jamestown, New York, USA

Our Jamestown site specialises in the production of EIA assays and instrumentation mainly for infectious disease and autoimmune applications.

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

The Kansas City site is the production facility for Diabetes Diagnostics based on Boronate Affinity HPLC.

Amherst, New York, USA

Our Amherst site specializes in the development and manufacture of ELISA, Western Blots, Line Immunoassays and Immunofluorescence products for autoimmune diseases.

Buffalo, New York, USA

The Reference laboratory of Immco diagnostics is also located at our Buffalo site

Burlington, ON, Canada

Our Burlingtion site focuses on the cloning, expression and purification of commercial and novel proteins as well as the design and synthesis of antigenic targets for immunoassays