The challenge given to all colleagues who work in Trinity Biotech is to demonstrate shared ownership, accountability and responsibility for the business. Personal leadership, an ability within us all, helps to create a vibrant workplace where we are challenged to do our best and be High Performing at all times.

In our work environment we are responsible for ourselves, responsible for each other and responsible for the business. We Trust each other and we strive to bring out the best qualities of our people; we practice behaviours that foster change and ultimately, assist every colleague to become the best they can be.

At Trinity Biotech, we work as a Team. In a rapidly changing world we require flexibility from all colleagues to do what it takes in order to deliver an excellent job.

We recognise that we are part of a complex adaptive system and so we Support each other to thrive, through our behaviours and the relationships we build with each other.

In order to continue our track record of success, we need demonstrated Leadership from all colleagues. We are committed to continually Learning in order to create a High Performing work environment where we continuously improve on what we do and how we do it.

Why do people choose to work in Trinity?

“Because I am challenged at every turn”

“Because of the people, they are so friendly here, it’s young and vibrant”

“When I ask for help I get it”

“I am encouraged to learn from mistakes and share my learning”

“Because no two days are the same”

“I am encouraged to find better ways of doing things”

“I have an interesting role and I have lots of scope to develop myself”

“It’s the variety in the work I do”

“I get the opportunity to cross train which doesn’t always happen in other companies”

“I get the opportunity to be part of teams which I would not normally participate in”

“Trinity Biotech fosters a genuine interest in ensuring the well being of all colleagues”

“We have a high support, high challenge environment”

“We have lots of development opportunities”