Antibodies & Proteins

Fitzgerald Industries International is the biological reagents division of Trinity Biotech. We manufacture and supply primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, recombinant and native proteins, ELISA kits, sera and plasma, and many other biological reagents. In 2014, we introduced a custom recombinant protein manufacturing service in order to meet customer demands for specialized commercially unavailable proteins. We sell our products worldwide to customers in the diagnostic, pharmaceutical and academic sectors through our website, distributors and offline channels.

Our product lines span diverse areas in IVD such as Infectious Disease, Oncology, Cardiac Markers, Hormones, Drugs & Toxicology and Neuroscience, and in R&D such as Cell Biology, Signal Transduction, Cell Cycle & Death, Immunology and Veterinary. Our headquarters is based in Acton, Massachusetts which houses our sales and primary operations center. We also have a large office in Ireland comprising our marketing, product support, and finance teams, as well as a number of manufacturing facilities worldwide.