EB classification Hereditary Epidermolysis Bullosa Classification (Collagen IV, Cytokeratin, Collagen VII, laminin)

Category: Oral Pathology
Test Code: 513
Disease: Autoimmune diseases
Methodology: Direct Immunofluorescence
CPT Code: 88346(x4)
Schedule / Turnaround Time: Report availability is within one week from the time of specimen receipt.
Specimen Requirements:

The red and purple tubes provided with Immco collection kits contain a holding solution for immunofluorescence specimens. A biopsy from a Lesional or Perilesional site should be placed in the red tube and a biopsy from a normal site should be placed in the purple tube. If these tubes are unavailable, submit specimen in Zeus/Michel’s fixative. Transport at room temperature.

Sample Stability:

Stable in appropriate solution at room temperature for 5 days.

Biopsy Site Selection: Take biopsy from a normal or induced lesion on normal skin.